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From the Counseling Room:

Did you ever wonder, ‘What goes on in counseling? What kind of issues get discussed? What are other people struggling with? Is it possible that the counsel someone else gets could help me?’ Well if this intrigues you read on and enjoy, you’ve come to the right blogging place! No, I won’t be telling people’s stories, naming names, etc. But here you are likely to find you are not alone. Other people’s struggles are similar to yours, and the process and solutions they find could be helpful to you.

So . . . Welcome to my Blog! I will be blogging about topics that come up in the course of counseling. What I have found in 28 years as a counselor is that problems that are discussed in counseling are almost always universal. People are unique and wonderful, but their problems are usually thematic and fit general patterns. So I’ve often thought over the years that others might find helpful what goes on in the counseling room. This is why I have decided to start this blog. It is a way of making these concepts and experiences public, and hopefully helpful to many. 

The posts will be thematic. I have listed categories below. And in time these are likely to expand. Some will involve concepts I have personally developed, others will be comments from the literature and research, and maybe even some contributions from special guests (clients, other counselors, etc). Below is a list of what you might expect. 

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