Christian’s Only?

Is Christian Counseling for Christians only?

Christian Counseling is not just for Christians. So you might ask, why bother to define the counseling as "Christian?" The answer to this question reveals a fundamental truth about counseling. Counseling is based on philosophy. (See Why Christian Counseling) Since the counselor's role is to direct the process, it is wise for a prospective client to ask "what philosophy guides the counselor's thinking?" For example, If the counselor is an feminist atheist then this perspective will certainly influence the way this counselor does therapy. Just as the personal philosophy held by the counselor is their own decision, likewise the choice of counselor is the decision of the client.

So in order to make the choice of who to see, it is necessary for the client to ask the potential counselor, "so tell me something about yourself?" And the answer should reveal the philosophy that guides the counselors thinking process. This is the reason I tell people up front, "I am a Christian Counselor." It is my belief all counselors should reveal their perspectives: Atheist Counselor, Buddhist Counselor, Existentialist Counselor, or whatever the case may be. Unfortunately this is not a common practice, and so without this information consumers are lacking necessary details to make an informed choice.

As for me I am a Christian Counselor. I am respectful of other points of view, but this respect does not change who I am. At the most fundamental level I am a Christian, and the thinking that emerges from these deeply held beliefs guides the way I view the world, which influences the way I do counseling. And most importantly, knowing this about me enables you to make a truly informed choice.

Patrick Yates